The TM3 series which is 100% surge current tested (B, C, D, and E case sizes) is available with Weibull grading and Hi-Rel screening options and a robust anode design.

The new TM3 series are manufactured at the company’s facility in Dimona, Israel which was recently upgraded to ISO13485 standards.

The newly released Vishay Sprague TM3 devices are optimized for input capacitor filters on DC/DC converters, hot plugging surges on battery chargers, low-drop-out devices, and capacitor charge pumps.

Typical end products comprise of glucose meters, infusion pumps, nebulizers, and thermometers.

TM3 devices offered in a molded package in five standard EIA-535BAAC case codes: A, B, C, D, and E are compatible with high-volume automatic pick-and-place equipment, and their dry packaging is compliant to the JEDEC-033 standard.

The TM3 series is available with 100 % matte tin or tin/lead terminations and is RoHS-compliant and halogen-free.