VisEn Medical (VisEn), a provider of fluorescence in vivo imaging from research through medicine, has launched its new Cat B 680 FAST imaging agent. It is meant for measuring and monitoring cathepsin B activity associated with disease progression and therapeutic response in vivo.

Cathepsin B expression is a key biomarker and therapeutic target in a range of diseases, including atherosclerosis, oncology, and arthritis. The new agent is designed to complement the company’s existing in vivo agent product lines, providing early imaging time points and an additional reporting wavelength for more multiplexing choices in cell-based and in vivo research study designs.

The fluorescence imaging agents and labels are designed to provide a range of biologically-specific imaging readouts in vivo. The company offers over 30 different fluorescence molecular agents for imaging key disease-associated biologic targets, processes and pathways, said the company.

The agents are designed for in vivo biomarker quantification using Fluorescence Molecular Tomography (FMT) imaging systems, or for general use along with other non-quantitative fluorescence in vivo imaging systems.

The agents are also designed to enable complementary in vitro biomarker readouts in cells and tissues using standard fluorescence microscopy and cellular-based imaging systems. With a focus on translational research and results, all of company’s technologies are designed to generate translational data linking pre-clinical research into clinical medicine.