“Device Technologies is the ideal partner to bring the benefits of the MRIdian System to one of the biggest and best healthcare markets in the world,” said Jim Alecxih, Chief Commercial Officer at ViewRay. “Device Technologies has successfully sold, implemented and supported many other high-tech medical devices, so we’re confident given the growing excitement around MRI-guided radiation therapy, that they will deliver equally impressive results with MRIdian.”

MRIdian provides continuous high-contrast imaging of soft tissue during radiation therapy treatment to help clinicians position the patient, track tumor and anatomical motion, and accurately target treatment. MRIdian also enables on-table adaptive therapy, which allows clinicians to adapt to changes and movement in the patient’s anatomy in real-time while the patient is being treated, bringing even greater precision to radiation delivery.

“We’re delighted to be including ViewRay’s MRIdian in the portfolio of high-end innovative products for distribution in Australia and New Zealand,” said Mick Trevaskis, CEO of Device Technologies Australia Pty Ltd. “We always put our patients first, and MRIdian’s simultaneous MRI imaging and radiation therapy provides highly accurate delivery of radiation to the patient, which helps enable an optimal clinical outcome in a shorter timeframe.”

Device Technologies is dedicated to improving patients’ lives through the supply of leading-edge technology and services to Australian and New Zealand hospitals and healthcare professionals.  Device Technologies continues to grow, with more than 250 trusted brands from the world’s most innovative medical companies and 850 highly skilled staff, making it the largest independent distributor in Australasia. Customer service and patient care remain critical core values.

Source: Company Press Release.