For development and distribution of endobronchial lung navigation and biopsy system

Vida Diagnostics (Vida) and Veran Medical Technologies (Veran Medical ) have signed a definitive agreement covering joint development and distribution of an endobronchial lung navigation and biopsy system.

As per the terms of the agreement, the companies will integrate Vida’s comprehensive lung analysis package, generating quantitative airway maps, lesion locations and path plans with Veran’s electromagnetic endobronchial solutions. The result is expected to generate the most accurate registration between the patient and device.

The 3D bronchial map and the exact location of the ig4 Plug-N-Play Navigation System enables bronchoscopic evaluation of lung nodules to make informed patient decisions and avoid more invasive, higher risk procedures.

Jerome Edwards, president and CEO of Veran Medical, said: “When you combine two best in class tools, the resulting solution is often greater than the sum of the parts. Blending Vida’s quantitative analysis and lung mapping with Veran’s extensive navigation and bronchoscopy experience, we expect to breakthrough to wide-scale use and fulfill endobronchial navigation’s promise to not only to improve patient care but also to reduce healthcare costs through a definitive, less invasive solution.”