VIDA|vision provides insights designed to optimize care decisions, improve patient outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs. ‘

"VIDA|vision is an exciting advance for the pulmonary clinician," said Dr. Alexander Chen. "Clinicians will be caring for more patients with pulmonary nodules, some of which may require biopsy. Current challenges include navigating peripheral airways to targeted lesions.

"The strong analytical platform of VIDA|vision, enables high-quality imaging of peripheral airways which may assist bronchoscopists with delivering precision and personalized care."

VIDA|vision is launching with two applications: Lung Bronchoscopy Planning and Lung Volume Reduction. The base platform enables new applications and expanding clinical utility.

Lung Bronchoscopy Planning focuses interventional pulmonologists on planning and performing diagnostic biopsy procedures for the peripheral nodule. The automated path planning and virtual bronchoscopy features of the software help interventional pulmonologists gain procedural confidence and efficiency in reaching targets of interest.

Lung Volume Reduction provides physicians with information to select an appropriate therapy for severe emphysema patients, using evidence-based quantitative CT (QCT) biomarkers to include heterogeneity and fissure integrity. Once a treatment is selected, the product also provides procedural planning tools to boost procedural confidence and efficiency.

"VIDA|vision represents VIDA’s advance into streamlining of our advanced clinical insights into the routine workflow of the pulmonary clinician." said Marcel Nienhuis, Director of Marketing at VIDA. "VIDA’s vision is to change pulmonology into an evidence-based practice with the guidance of the leading thought leaders and the changing requirements of the practice."

VIDA|vision is cleared for clinical use in the United States, Canada, European Union, and Australia.

VIDA is focused on changing the practice of pulmonary care by empowering the pulmonary clinician with precision informatics. VIDA’s suite of software and associated analysis services aid early detection, evaluation, and treatment planning of lung diseases, including lung cancer, emphysema, airway obstruction diseases, and asthma.

VIDA’s software and services are cleared for clinical use in the United States, Canada, European Union, and Australia. VIDA is headquartered in Coralville, IA, with an additional office in Minneapolis, MN.