Victory Pharma (Victory) has launched Naprelan dose card, a further extension of its Naprelan franchise. Naprelan dose card is designed for patients who require relief from mild to moderate pain and inflammation associated with primary dysmenorrhea and acute tendinitis and bursitis.

Moreover, the product is also designed for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis who may be receiving other therapies and need additional anti-inflammatory/analgesic activity for a limited time.

Reportedly, the dose card provides a ten day, tapered dose regimen in a single blister pack, with three days of Naprelan therapy at the maximum daily dose of 1,500mg (two 750mg tablets), followed by a taper to 1,000mg per day (two 500mg tablets) for an additional seven days of therapy.

Matthew Heck, CEO of Victory, said: “This product concept is the result of substantial input from our clinical advisors and other members of the pain management community. It was designed to enable healthcare providers to treat pain and inflammation aggressively for a limited period of time and then taper Naprelan back to a standard dosage strength.

‚ÄúThis customised dosage regimen in a single prescription and product configuration will aid in patient compliance. We are excited about the prospects for Naprelan dose dard based upon market feedback.”