The VevoStrain technology augments high resolution imaging capabilities of high frequency ultrasound with highly sensitive measurements of subtle variations in the myocardium, the company said.

The VevoStrain software enables tracking of wall motions in the heart, including the entire heart as well as defined regions within the heart.

Measurement capabilities of the software include quantification of displacement, velocity, strain and strain rate.

Additional features of the software include measurement of cardiac wall motion abnormalities, dyssynchrony (delayed ventricular activation and contraction) and myocardial mechanics.

Harvard Medical School associate professor of Medicine Ronglih Liao said they believe that with strain analysis, they now have a very effective and efficient method for non-invasively detecting early cardiac performance irregularities in mice.

"While recognizing that this method requires special expertise and experience to implement, we are very excited about prospects for applying these analyses in future studies of experimental therapeutics," Liao said.