The GlideScope Direct, made of stainless steel, is a reusable blade with the look and feel of a standard 3.5 size Macintosh blade.

The GlideScope Direct integrates with GlideScope Cobalt AVL video technology allowing instructors to separately watch a direct laryngoscopy on the monitor and supervise their student’s direct laryngoscopy procedure as they intubate.

Verathon said that the device integration with the Cobalt AVL allows the GlideScope Direct to offer airway views in advanced resolution output for operating room theater viewing and real-time recording to confirm tube placement.

The advanced video technology also allows for instructor and student to review airway cases after the procedures.

Verathon Medical Canada president and inventor of the GlideScope video laryngoscope Jack Pacey said that, while airway management is moving toward daily use of video laryngoscopes, they recognise that many who instruct airway management want to continue to teach basic direct laryngoscopy skills to their students.

“The GlideScope Direct gives instructors the view they need to help guide and instruct their students, real time, during direct laryngoscopy,” Pacey said.

Verathon said that the Direct intubation trainer may also be used, at the clinician’s discretion, to perform video-guided direct laryngoscopy in a clinical setting.