Verasonics, Inc., the leader in research ultrasound, today announced it has enhanced the Vantage Research Ultrasound System with the introduction of the Verasonics Permissive License and new transducers, including a 15 MHz Row-Column Array and three general imaging transducers. This Vantage software update is available today, August 15, 2023, at no cost to customers.

“Today, we are excited to offer the Verasonics Permissive License which was based on customer feedback,” said Jon K. Daigle, President and Chief Executive Officer at Verasonics. “Our customers wanted a more efficient path to share research scripts developed on the Vantage platform among their colleagues, and we are thrilled to support this collaboration.”

Mr. Daigle added, “Rather than seeking permission privileges through our corporate office, customers may now share scripts by simply including the required notices as attribution. Our team is committed to providing researchers with flexible and best-in-class research ultrasound solutions to help them meet their research goals in the effort to further advance science using ultrasound.”

The Verasonics Permissive License:

The Verasonics Permissive License allows Vantage users to work with sequence programming scripts more freely. Vantage customers now have the right to use, copy, modify, merge, distribute, sublicense, or sell copies of the software with the inclusion of copyright and permission notices.

This licensing change offers benefits to researchers on a global basis; Vantage users now have enhanced capability to collaborate with other Vantage researchers and to publish programming scripts. The Verasonics Permissive License provides researchers with further flexibility in sharing Vantage programming scripts and testing techniques with colleagues as well as in complying with grant funding requirements.

Source: Company Press Release