Veran Medical has received clearance from the FDA to market a product for the delivery of instruments through the pulmonary tract.

The company said that SPN’s in the peripheral lung are inaccessible with current techniques and technologies, leaving patients on ‘watchful waiting’ protocols of repeat CT scans for multiple years causing patient anxiety and costs added to the US Healthcare System.

Veran’s SPiN Drive system acts as a GPS-like system to enable pulmonologists and surgeons to access these peripheral SPN’s to diagnose malignancy, stop the ‘watchful waiting’ and reduce US Healthcare spending. Recently, the American Medical Association (AMA) issued a new category 1 CPT code for the use of electromagnetic navigational bronchoscopy (ENB) devices to target to lesions or spots deep in the lungs.

The company said that it believes in the future that the SPiN Drive system may enable the delivery of several therapies to treat lung cancer at an early stage before it has spread to the lymphatic system.