VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, VentriPoint, Inc. has been granted a medical device license by Health Canada to sell and market its VentriPoint Medical System (VMS). The system provides key measurements and accurate reconstructions of the right ventricle of a patient’s heart from standard two-dimensional ultrasound images. “This regulatory milestone is a major advancement in VentriPoint’s efforts to provide cost effective monitoring and treatment for patients with heart disease. Having achieved this milestone VentriPoint can proceed with its commercialization plans to introduce the VMS diagnostic tool for Canada’s congenital heart disease population and to advance its use for other heart diseases, including pulmonary hypertension,” stated Joe Ashley, President & CEO of the Corporation. “The availability of the VMS to quickly and inexpensively provide critical information of a patient’s right ventricle is expected to help enable Canadian healthcare organizations to better monitor and treat patients suffering from heart disease.”