These procedures mark the first uses in patients of this novel venous stent from Veniti.

More procedures using the Veniti Vici venous stent system are scheduled at various locations in the EU, including a live case demonstration at the Leipzig Interventional Course (LINC) on 28 January 2014.

The Veniti Vici venous stent was designed from inception to be compatible with the unique anatomy and pathology of the venous system to specifically address the unmet need for a dedicated venous stent.

VENITI president and CEO Scott Solano noted the company is pleased that the unique advantages of a stent designed specifically for the venous system — including end-to-end crush resistance, higher radial resistive force, flexibility, and continuous vein coverage — are available to physicians treating venous outflow obstructions in the lower extremities.

"We believe the Veniti Vici Stent offers significant patient benefit due to its venous-specific design," Solano added.