Studies conducted at various veterinary universities have shown VDxI-TK to be effective in the detection, prognosis, and monitoring of canine lymphoma, the most common type of cancer, and hemagiosarcoma, an aggressive cancer predisposed to certain popular breeds like Golden Retrievers and Labradors.

VdxI president Randy Ringold said that they are pleased with Webster’s representation of the VDxI-TK cancer test.

“With Webster’s nationwide representation of veterinary products, and more than 200 representatives in the field, we believe that VDxI-TK is positioned to become the standard of care for two common forms of cancer in dogs,” Ringold said.

Webster president George Henriques said that VDxI-TK is an important addition to Webster’s strategic initiative of providing quality diagnostics to customers and said that a simple blood test for cancer would be a valuable new tool for their veterinary clients.