Smith served at Tenaxis Medical since October 2004 as director and president and CEO, there he led Series A, B and C fundraising efforts from business start-up phase and raised over $25m in private equity from a wide range of investors.

At Tenaxis, he was also responsible for driving the company’s product development from inception through market introduction.

At Curon Medical, he served as Sales & Marketing senior vice president where he led the sales, marketing, customer service, reimbursement & clinical functions.

At Cohesion Technologies, he served as Marketing and Business Development vice president , where he introduced a surgical sealant to vascular surgeons and increased sales by 400% in four quarters and became GM of the Cohesion’s cardiology business.

VasoStitch president and CEO David Smith said the company has developed two platform technologies designed to access and close percutaneous therapy sites without the need for open surgery, thus likely to make catheter-based cardiac and vascular interventions simpler and more popular.

"I am very excited about helping make VasoStitch a great success," Smith said.