VasoNova has signed a strategic partnership with Navilyst Medical, to distribute its VasoNova Vascular Positioning System VPS central venous catheter navigation technology.

The VPS Catheter is indicated for short or long-term central or peripheral access to the central venous system for hyperalimentation, chemotherapy, or other intravenous therapy, for central venous pressure (CVP) monitoring, blood sampling and for contrast studies.

Navilyst senior vice president George Bourne said that the combination of central venous catheters from Navilyst and real time catheter tip positioning of this caliber from VasoNova provides the best possible solution to their clinicians and for their patients.

VasoNova president and chief executive officer Paul Molloy said that VasoNova’s VPS technology is the real-time intra-vascular catheter navigation technology that does not require external metal detectors or viewing screens, nor subjective interpretation of ECG signals, and is capable of confirming precise catheter tip location using anatomical location identification algorithms embedded in its technology.

“These location signatures are identified utilising highly specific Doppler ultrasound characteristics combined with other patient data. The VasoNova VPS is compatible with all commonly used PICC and CVC catheters. Navilyst’s world-class vascular access product offering is highly synergistic and together we offer clinicians unparalleled technological advantages,” Molloy said.