Vasomedical has executed a definitive agreement with Edgary Consultants to facilitate its effort to broaden reimbursement coverage of Enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP) therapy, a proprietary technology for the treatment of certain cardiovascular diseases.

In conjunction with its agreement with Edgary Consultants, Vasomedical appointed Edgary president and the principal shareholder Edgar Rios to its board of directors.

Rios said they have evaluated the science behind EECP and have concluded the timing is right to seek additional reimbursement coverage for a cost effective alternative in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Vasomedical has increased the opportunity for EECP by expanding international sales and marketing efforts.

Vasomedical president and CEO Jun Ma said most recently, they have received regulatory clearance for our EECP systems in Bangladesh, Belarus, Italy, South Korea, etc. and have received reimbursement coverage in several countries including India and South Africa.

"I believe based on our accomplishments to date and with the assistance of Edgary, we are now positioned to have healthcare insurers as well as CMS recognize EECP as a first line choice in the treatment of certain cardiovascular conditions," Ma said.