The one-inch sterile pad consists of a lyophilized bovine thrombin, a protein substance that gives the bandage its bleeding control properties, and silver chloride, which provides antimicrobial properties.

The pre-formed slit and 4mm diameter hole in the ThrombiDisc allows for placement around indwelling lines up to 12F.

The topical hemostat releases ionic silver from the silver chloride to prevent microorganisms commonly encountered in the clinical setting from colonizing on the pad.

Ionic silver, an atom of silver that is missing one electron, provides its antimicrobial property by altering protein structures and preventing bacterial cells from carrying out normal functions.

Vascular Solutions CEO Howard Root said effective control of bleeding around indwelling vascular access devices such as central venous catheters and peripherally-inserted central catheters is a clinical imperative that ThrombiDisc was designed specifically to meet.

"While other pads placed around indwelling lines merely absorb blood, ThrombiDisc addresses the bleeding problem with an active ingredient. In vitro testing has demonstrated ThrombiDisc’s ability to create a much quicker clot compared to the two most popular alternatives," Root added.