Varian Medical Systems, a supplier of informatics software, will display X-ray tubes and PaxScan digital image detectors.

The X-ray tubes and PaxScan detectors are used for fluoroscopy, angiography, cardiology and cone-beam CT imaging.

The products include PaxScan 1515DX, a mid-size CBCT and panoramic imaging panel, which utilizes the company’s new DX technology, featuring increased frame rates, improved low dose imaging and 16-bit data acquisition.

The panel is well suited for use in mini C-arm, dental and industrial applications.

PaxScan 4336X, weighing only 3.1kg, is a cassette sized flat panel detector designed with low noise electronics, 2.8 second acquisition time, internal shock event recorder and has 16-bit data acquisition and is available with or without handles.

PaxScan 4343CB is a flat panel detector used in R&F, surgical, ENT, oncology and orthopedics applications.

PaxPower FP 2250 is an X-ray tube optimized for high throughput interventional procedures on systems including portable surgical CT.

PaxPower M-1500 is the company’s first X-ray tube developed specifically for advanced mammography applications such as tomosynthesis and CT.

The M-1500 provides exceptional performance in a space efficient design allowing high quality imaging in the chest wall region.

The company said it is displaying its products at European Congress of Radiology (ECR) from 1- 5,March 2012 in Vienna, Austria.