Varian’s Imaging Components business sales and marketing vice president Steve Kimmel noted the company is committed to providing X-ray imaging system manufacturers with the components they need for building high-performance imaging systems.

"We will be showcasing technologies that enable cost efficient, high quality imaging as well as excellent workflow and performance," Kimmel added.

Varian will spotlight several advanced filmless imaging and X-ray tube components, including:

– PaxScan Wireless Radiographic Detectors – Varian now offers two wireless detector models; PaxScan 4336W and PaxScan 2530W. The lightweight, cassette size, portable 43cm x 36cm detector can generate images very quickly. Even while the panel is inside a cassette tray, or below the X-ray table, the wireless transmission rates stay consistently high.

The space efficient 25cmx30cm portable radiographic panel is designed with special imaging modes for use in imaging extremities and is compatible for neonatal procedures as well as mid-size radiographic applications such as dental Cone Beam CT (CBCT) and Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) procedures. The 2530W panel has extended battery life and is interchangeable with the 4336W detector battery.

– PaxScan 4343CB – The 4343CB is an advanced radiography and fluoroscopy panel for universal RF and large volume CBCT applications that delivers high quality X-ray images as well as excellent low-dose fluoroscopic images, showing motion at up to 60 frames per second. The panel has one of the smallest pixel sizes available supporting high resolution image quality.

– PaxScan 3024M – The 30cmx24cm panel is a full-field digital mammography detector designed to support rapid image acquisition and tomosynthesis, a method of using X-rays to create a three-dimensional image of the breast. The panel uses cost effective and environmentally stable amorphous silicon (aSi) technology.

– G-692 X-Ray Tube – The metal G-692 rotating anode X-ray tube was specifically developed for use with flat panel digital detectors used in fluoroscopic applications.

– MCS 8064 – The 8064 X-ray tube is an anode end grounded (AEG) replacement X-ray tube for the GE LightSpeed VCT scanner offering lower life cycle costs. The MCS-8064 was designed with Varian’s experience of manufacturing anode end grounded CT tubes over 20+ years. The MCS-8064 installs and calibrates on the LightSpeed VCT like the original OEM tube.

– Nexus Imaging Software and Workstation – Nexus is an advanced image processing software and workstation with complete flexibility for processing data from mixed inputs: CCD cameras, legacy image intensifier systems and RF and DR flat panel image detectors.

The Nexus digital imaging system offers RF and DR capabilities on a single console and features sophisticated image processing and integrated on-screen generator control. With a streamlined workflow and color touch screen controls, the system is optimized for faster patient throughput, flexibility, and increased usability.