Sarah Cannon will also deploy Varian’s new InSightive software for data analytics and RapidPlan knowledge-based treatment planning software together with Varian’s ARIA information management and Eclipse treatment planning software.

The software will support Sarah Cannon’s programs for using data to develop personalized treatment plans, improve outcomes, and expand clinical trial options for patients.

The project is part of a long-term plan for enhancing and expanding radiotherapy and radiosurgery cancer treatment capabilities across the Sarah Cannon Cancer Network of Excellence.

Sarah Cannon has access to more than 100,000 newly-diagnosed cancer patients per year and offers integrated cancer services with convenient access to cutting-edge therapies through its network of cancer programs across the United States and United Kingdom.

"Sarah Cannon believes that no one initiative or technology creates a superior radiation oncology offering and that it takes a comprehensive approach to interconnect and support the entire program," said Andrew Kennedy, MD, physician in chief, Radiation Oncology for Sarah Cannon.

"The InSightive software and RapidPlan knowledge-based treatment planning will enable us to better serve our patients across the network."

Over the next 18 months Sarah Cannon will install six Varian TrueBeam systems for image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery, as well as a Clinac machine for image-guided intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), a highly precise method of focusing radiation on a tumor while minimizing exposure of surrounding healthy tissues and organs.

The new TrueBeam systems will enable Sarah Cannon increased levels of versatility, efficiency, reliability, and a lower cost per patient in offering advanced treatments like stereotactic radiosurgery.