The new suite, EDGE Radiosurgery system, integrates new real-time tumor tracking in end-to-end system for performing radiosurgery anywhere in the body where radiation is indicated as well as multiple beam shaping options including multileaf collimator and radiosurgery conical collimators.

Varian oncology systems business president Kolleen Kennedy said the company designed the EDGE to facilitate fast, accurate delivery of stereotactic radiosurgery to treat any condition amenable to this type of treatment, including tumors of the lung, prostate, brain, spine, and other indications throughout the body.

"Our new EDGE radiosurgery suite represents the first really disruptive technology in radiosurgery in close to two decades, combining state-of-the-art linear accelerator technology with real-time tracking and patient positioning," Kennedy added.

"With sub-millimeter accuracy, accelerated treatment speeds, and real-time tracking, we feel the EDGE is going to be the sharpest radiosurgery blade on the market."

In addition, the system includes real-time motion management tools including the Calypso system and an optical surface monitoring system for real-time tracking of tumor motion during treatment.

A new PerfectPitch treatment couch is also equipped into the system which gives clinicians more options for accessing and treating disease sites by making it possible to adjust the patient’s position along six axes of motion.