The next-generation of technology platform is said to offer an integrated system, including Valtronic owned IP and a proprietary phone App.

Initially, the Compendium tracks physiological data from the patient with the help of a personal healthcare device such as an implant or body worn sensor.

Later, the data is transmitted to a biometrically controlled near field reader and information is secured to ensure data is specific to the proper individual and protected, noted Valtronic.

In addition, the data can be transmitted to a smart phone or tablet where a patient can access it with the Valtronic App, which is biometrically controlled.

The near-field reader data is then converted into a Bluetooth signal and transfers it to the Cloud, which finally is transferred to patient’s doctor or caregiver, providing access to all physiological data and enabling them to monitor and send alerts to the patient at any time.

Valtronic provides engineering, industrialization and manufacturing services for medical devices and related, ranging from microelectronics and precision machining to complex system integration.