Validic, the leading provider of health data platforms and solutions for scaling remote patient monitoring (RPM), has announced the release of a major update to its remote patient monitoring solution, Validic Impact. This new release offers the ability to deploy an end-to-end technology solution for chronic and acute condition monitoring, rapidly.

Validic Impact: Rapid Deployment offers providers a standalone, web-based application to manage device-driven RPM programs. The solution is designed for scale and offered with an ease of use that allows provider groups to quickly purchase and launch.

Validic’s RPM solutions offer the alerting, visualization and analytics capabilities needed to engage and manage patients from their home. The Validic Impact solutions can support the management of acute and chronic conditions, such diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, and COVID-19 (coronavirus). This new version of Validic Impact requires no EHR integration and can be used as a fully standalone solution.

Validic’s award-winning RPM model allows physicians to tap into the devices their patients already own and use. The solution can integrate over 480 consumer and clinical health devices via Validic’s core health data platform. In addition to supporting a bring-your-own-device (BYOD), Validic Impact also supports kitted device fulfillment and 24/7 device support through strategic relationships with device logistics companies.

“COVID-19 was a call to action for healthcare,” Drew Schiller, CEO of Validic said. “Our platform-first RPM approach enhances virtual visit offerings. Right now, that means quickly replacing clinical data usually gathered during in-person visits, such as weight and blood pressure, with home health data.”

Schiller added, “Beyond improving the quality of care delivered through telehealth, RPM will continue to serve as a staple of virtual care and extend in-person care offerings.”

RPM provides a detailed, continuous view of a person’s physiological health, treatment adherence and lifestyle decisions. Validic’s RPM solutions – supported by device-generated data – provide an exactness and depth of clinical insights not available via virtual or in-person visits.

Source: Company Press Release