The study demonstrates V-Go users experienced lower insulin dose requirements and lower diabetes-related medication cost while lowering average blood sugar levels, as measured by A1c.

“We view this study as a confirmation of both the clinical and economic benefits V-Go provides patients,” said John Timberlake, President and Chief Executive Officer of Valeritas. “V-Go has always offered the improvements in insulin adherence associated with removing multiple daily injections for patients with type 2 diabetes requiring daily insulin, and this study provides additional long-term data demonstrating the economic advantages of our cost-effective alternative.”

Results from the study demonstrate that despite similar baseline insulin Rx fills and diabetes medication costs, V-Go users required fewer insulin Rx fills (mean change: -0.8 vs. +1.8 fills, p<0.001; -17% vs. +38%), had a smaller increase in diabetes medication costs (mean change in 2016 USD: $341 vs. $1,628, p=0.012; +10% vs. +47%), and a decrease in insulin total daily dose (TDD) (mean change in insulin units/day: -29.2 vs. +5.8, p<0.001; -21% vs. +4%), compared to MDI users, during the last six months of follow-up.

Source: Company Press Release.