Medical technology firm Valeritas’ proof-of-concept study has showed that V-Go wearable insulin delivery device along with simplified insulin titration algorithm significantly reduced A1C and insulin requirements in patients with type 2 diabetes.

The company has reported positive findings from analysis conducted combining its V-Go wearable basal plus bolus insulin delivery device with a weekly physician-driven and simplified prandial-focused insulin titration algorithm.

According to the company, achievement of glycemic targets occurred in 2/3 of patients and patient reported hypoglycemia was decreased by study end utilizing this therapeutic approach to insulin management.

Texas Star Adult Medicine’s Dr. Sandip Mehta has evaluated the safety and efficacy of a physician-driven insulin titration algorithm in adult patients diagnosed with T2D prescribed V-Go in a retrospective analysis called MOTIV4CONTROL.

Daily four-point self-monitored blood glucose profiles have been used for weekly V-Go titration decisions.

Bolus up-titration was recommended weekly when two-hour postprandial averages exceeded 170 mg/dl and down-titrated when 2-hour postprandial averages were below 100 mg/dl, based on the algorithm.

Around 15 patients in the proof of concept study have been assessed after four months of V-Go use with insulin dose adjustments occurring predominantly during the first three weeks. 

An A1C target of 7.5% or lower was observed in 67% of patients, while a mean significant A1C reduction of 1.6 was achieved with a significant decrease in the mean total daily dose of insulin.

V-Go wearable insulin delivery device is a wearable and basal-bolus insulin delivery device for patients with type 2 diabetes, which allows patients to administer a continuous preset basal rate of insulin over 24 hours.

Valeritas president and CEO John Timberlake said: “This proof-of-concept study demonstrates that a simplified prandial or bolus focused weekly insulin titration algorithm in patients with Type 2 diabetes (T2D) prescribed V-Go can be used effectively and safely, leading to significantly improved glycemic control while also lowering the mean total daily insulin dose of insulin.”

Image: The V-Go device along with insulin titration algorithm has decreased A1C and insulin requirements in patients with type 2 diabetes. Photo: courtesy of suphakit73 /