The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provided an Issue Notification on 2/7/17 and the Company now has multiple claims in this growing field.

The company's unique digital surgery platform enables surgeons to determine the safest and most minimally invasive pathway on a patient-specific basis for multiple surgical specialties.  

The proprietary technology combines surgical 3D VR imaging with tactile experience of tissue feedback, enabling a true-to-life feel of open and less-invasive surgery.

"This patent complements our initial core patent and together the claims provide solid protection in the market," stated James Bowman, Chief Executive Officer of ImmersiveTouch.

"Our commitment to expanding our intellectual property includes further filings domestic and international."

Frost & Sullivan recently awarded ImmersiveTouch as the Most Innovative Surgical Simulation Technology. 

The technology, called MissionRehearsal system, has been widely adopted by leading academic medical centers.

ImmersiveTouch is a privately held, Chicago, Illinois-based company at the forefront of virtual reality and augmented reality applications in surgery.