Uson said that the leak tester, available in a single pressure range of 0-60 psi with manual pressure regulation, has an easy-to-navigate software menu, which facilitates program set up and operation. Its memory can store up to 99 test programs making it possible to switch from one product to another quickly without establishing new test parameters, Enger explained.

The Testra pD operates on the principle of pressure decay whereby the test part is pressurised with air to a known pressure, allowed to stabilise and then monitored for a pressure drop. The result can be displayed as a pressure drop or by programming the leak tester to calculate the volumetric leak rate. Accept or reject decisions are made in seconds based upon pre-programmed limits according to the leak rate specification for the test product.

Users can interface the Testra pD with automation or PLC control via the on board I/O and can collect data via the machine’s RS232 serial port. The tester is backed by a one-year warranty, which can be extended through service agreements.

Ray Enger, director of engineering and development at Uson, said: “The Testra pD enables manufacturing engineers take the first step to automating leak testing. It’s simple, easy to operate and can be used immediately with minimal training. The Testra pD provides non-destructive and non-subjective testing that can be part of any quality control process that verifies the leak integrity of a product during production. And the results are traceable and repeatable.”