The Jerome Canady Research Institute for Advanced and Biological Technological Sciences (JCRI-ABTS) and US Medical Innovations, LLC (USMI) are pleased to announce today a ground-breaking achievement in surgical and robotic technology. The Canady Robotic AI Surgical System is the world’s first AI robotic system that delivers cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) which is a three-dimensional non-contact bioelectric pulse electromagnetic field. CAP selectively targets and kills microscopic tumor cells during surgery without damaging non-cancerous surrounding tissue. Despite advancements in surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy and biologic targeted therapy regimes, microscopic residual disease (5% to 65%) can still persist which contributes to local regional recurrence and poor survival. The Canady Robotic AI Surgical System will be displayed at the First Global Surgical Oncology Summit in Jerusalem, Israel (January 30 to February 2, 2024).

The Canady Robotic AI Surgical System’s key components are a Motorized Positioning Arm, Speech Recognition Canady Electrosurgical Generator known as ORLI™, Controller for CAP Devices, Robotic Assisted End Effectors which can be used in Open, Laparoscopic, Thoracoscopic, Endoscopic and Mini-invasive surgical procedures. The System also provides the surgeon with 10 degrees of freedom, Speech activation of the Robotic movements, AI Powered Software Programs, 3D Navigational Guided Surgical Planning, Advance Contour Tracking of the CAP Beam, Pre-Programmed CAP Dosimetry data for selectively targeting 32 Cancer cell types and a compact mobile design.

JCRI-ABTS has been granted 5 key U.S. Patents: Application of delivering CAP technology to selectively target cancer cells at the surgical margin, Integrated Cold Plasma and High Frequency Electrosurgical System and Method for the Use and Treatment Therapy, Cold Plasma Robotic Delivery System by incorporating AI-enabled Speech Recognition, Pre-programed Dosimetry Data and Protocols for combined care such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. These achievements signify a significant leap forward in the integration of robotics and artificial intelligence during surgical procedures.

Taisen Zhuang, PhD, Chief Technology Officer stated, “The Canady Robotic AI Surgical System sets a new precedent for Robotic Cancer Surgery by combining AI Technology and CAP. This innovation sets a higher standard by enhancing accuracy, precision, and safety in the OR.”

Saravana Murthy, PhD, Vice President of Research added, “This smart integrated “System” represents the world’s first therapy designed to selectively eliminate microscopic tumor cells at the surgical margins.”

Jerome Canady, MD, FACS, CEO and Surgical Oncologist stated, “This technology will transform the landscape of the OR. ORLI™ is a user-friendly system controlling the entire integrated SMART Operating Room. The platform will serve as a SIRI, ALEXA, and GOOGLE HOME for the operating room. Data collected from our recent FDA Phase 1 Clinical Trial on Stage 4 Cancer Patients combined with ten years of in-vitro translational molecular research data have been imported into the Canady Robotic AI Surgical System. This achievement signifies a significant leap forward integrating artificial intelligence and robotics in surgery. I would like to express my gratitude to our Engineers and Scientist for their role in achieving this revolutionary milestone.”

Source: Company Press Release