Keck Medical Center of the University of Southern California (USC) has deployed Toshiba America Medical Systems' two Aplio 500 ultrasound systems and one Viamo ultrasound system, to improve image quality for accurate diagnoses.

Keck Hospital of USC in California, US, will use the equipment for general exams including pelvis, liver and abdominal.

Utilizing Fly Thru technology which uses 4D ultrasound, Aplio 500 provides picture-perfect imaging of interiors of ducts and vessels for better exploration of lesions and masses as well as assists in planning interventional procedures.

Aplio 500 also includes enhanced workflow tools and ergonomics including the iStyle+ Productivity solution.

Equipped with the performance of Toshiba’s larger, cart-based systems, the laptop ultrasound system Viamo is used for general exams including traditional radiology for delivering best-in-class image quality and penetration (up to 40 cm) from the operating room to a patient’s bedside.