Cerner has created the ProVision Workstation Mammography solution, which recently received 510(k) pre-market clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is available in North America.

“Efficiency is taking on an even greater importance as the demand increases for radiologists to interpret the ever-growing numbers and types of imaging studies,” said John Hansen, Cerner vice president of imaging solutions. “With the FDA 510(k) clearance for Cerner ProVision Workstation – Mammography solution, we can provide radiologists with a comprehensive mammography solution designed to help them view mammography images more efficiently and effectively.”

When radiologists review images, they typically use separate viewers to study images like X-ray or CT scans and mammography images. The ProVision Workstation – Mammography solution eliminates the need for separate general imaging and mammography viewers, reducing the inefficiencies and delays created when using different viewing systems. Radiologists can view all imaging modalities, including MR, PT, US, CT, XR, XA and MG, and the patient’s electronic health record (EHR) from one workstation. By breaking the traditional model of dedicated mammography and general radiology workstations, Cerner is maximizing radiologists’ efficiency and increasing the imaging department throughput.

A fully integrated mammography workstation benefits radiologists and their patients by supporting comprehensive patient care by allowing radiologists to view the patient’s medical history and side-by-side comparisons of all types of images from one workstation, facilitating more efficient and accurate reading of images by allowing radiologists to customize the layout, presentation and viewing order of images; and decreasing the time it takes to find patient image studies for analysis through the use of a programmable input device that allows radiologists to find the relevant image in just one click.

Cerner’s radiology solutions, including the RadNet Mammo Case Maintenance solution and the ProVision PACS solution, create an uninterrupted link between patient images and the EHR. The ProVision PACS solution offers the complete range of image management solutions, including image acquisition, storage, display and Web distribution services. The Cerner ProVision Workstation Mammography solution further streamlines radiology workflow by eliminating duplicate efforts caused by disparate mammography systems, providing maximum efficiency for radiologists and optimized patient outcomes.