US Endoscopy announces the official release of the Mio medical device organizer. The Mio organizer offers three over-sized, clear pouches to house endoscopic devices and supplies that can inadvertently fall on the floor or get misplaced, tangled, or damaged throughout a procedure. Few options are available for efficient device storage during endoscopy procedures. When not in use, there is a chance that a device may fall to the floor or leave residual biomaterial on the surrounding area. The Mio organizer easily adheres to a countertop, endoscopy cart or trolley, or a bedside rail, offering easy device access and organization ideal for ERCP and other procedures that require multiple device exchanges. “Our customers continually ask for a better way to stay organized during ERCP procedures,” said Gulam Khan, US Endoscopy CEO and Co-chairman. “They recognize that US Endoscopy is the company that can develop a product for such a unique need. Whether it’s the Mio organizer or a more therapeutic product, our customers know we will creatively address their challenges.”