Naval Ophthalmic Support and Training Activity (NOSTRA) commanding officer captain Paul Andre said: "The black standard issue frame that was introduced in January 2012 was very well received, but did not provide enough depth or vertical room to incorporate bifocal and trifocal lenses.

"Therefore, a new option was reviewed and approved by the Military Health System’s Optical Fabrication Enterprise (OFE) and coordinated by NOSTRA in order to meet the need."

The new frame can be ordered through any DoD optometry or ophthalmology clinic through the Spectacle Request Transmission System.

It is not a single-vision option and has been designed specifically for bifocals and trifocals, while fitting kits for the optometry and ophthalmology clinics are available through Electronic Catalog (E-CAT).

Andre also said: "Military eyeglasses are provided to recruits, active duty military, activated reserve and National Guard, and eligible DoD retirees."

NOSTRA is the premiere manufacturing facility for the OFE, which offers optical fabrication support by fabricating military eyewear, prescription gas mask inserts and combat protective eyewear inserts.