US Medical Innovations (USMI), a US based biomedical device specification manufacturing company announces the introduction of its new Canady Hybrid Plasma Scalpel (CHPS) handpiece design at the 2014 American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress (ACS) in San Francisco.

The CHPS is the first multifunctional electrosurgical scalpel in the world allowing a surgeon to simultaneously cut and coagulate through biological tissue at a temperature of less than 98°F, significantly reducing intraoperative blood loss and operative time, improving wound healing, minimizing the length of stay for the patient, and reducing the risk of hospital acquired infections.

The CHPS incorporates four separate operating modes: hybrid plasma, argon plasma coagulation, conventional monopolar cut, and coagulation, which can be used in a range of subspecialties, such as cardiovascular surgery, endoscopy, ENT, general surgery, gynecology, neurosurgery, orthopaedic, plastics, surgical oncology, thoracic surgery and dermatology.

"Since 2010, my team and I have worked to fill the opportunity gap in electrosurgery to make new plasma technologies available as viable options to benefit both medical professionals and their patients," said Dr. Canady.

"The opportunity to showcase our product at ACS allows our healthcare industry colleagues to see the possibilities of how CHPS can increase positive outcomes for patients."

Canady Biotechnology, USMI’s new manufacturing affiliate, officially commenced operations at its newly constructed Canady Innovation Center (CIC) in Takoma Park, Maryland.

The CIC, which falls under the umbrella of parent company US Patent Innovations, LLC (USPI), houses a multidisciplinary team of engineers, healthcare professionals, clinicians, physicians and scientists from around the world, for the coordination of rapid research, design, production and marketing of plasma medical devices.