The VG3 is a complement to the ultra-high performance full field of view (FOV) provided by the NewTom VGi, which is currently distributed Biolase.

The VG3 is a modular hybrid 2D/3D system that can start as a digital 2D panoramic X-ray system, which replaces traditional film-based panoramic units that can be upgraded to add a cephalometric sensor and software.

Biolase chairman and CEO Federico Pignatelli said that the VG3 fills a significant need for doctors who want to replace their older, film-based panoramic units with a competitively priced, modern digital 2D unit that offers flexibility to add 3D capabilities as they expand the range of endodontic and periodontic procedures they perform.

"Digital panoramic systems emit a fraction of the radiation compared to older film-based systems, which make them much safer for patients and staff," Pignatelli added.

The VG3 comes fitted out with NewTom’s NNT 4.0 imaging analysis software and integrates NewTom’s patented Safebeam technology, which emits the lowest possible dosage of radiation.

The technology automatically adjusts the radiation dosage and continuously monitors systems operations, eliminating the chances of unnecessary exposures and making it the safest available for patients and staff.

Biolase Sales & Marketing vice president Bill Brown said that the VG3 comes equipped with a removable 2D panoramic sensor that allows operators to safely remove it for use on the cephalometric arm.

"Billed as an ideal solution for practices that require a high-quality device at a competitive price, the 2D panoramic sensor allows practitioners to make dynamic orthogonal tomogram examinations with the ability to upgrade the base panoramic VG3 with a cephalometric sensor or software and a digital 3D CBCT at any time," Brown added.