Understanding the impacts of clinical processes on outcomes is a key initiative for UVA in 2017 and beyond.

"We have several goals around quality improvement and cost reduction as we move to a pay-for-performance model," said Dr. Jason Lyman, Associate Chief Medical Information Officer at UVA.

"We will use the information from LogicStream to help drive evidence-based best practices in areas ranging from order set management to blood utilization and alert effectiveness."

"Like any large institution, UVA must not only create and use clinical decision support, but manage it as well. After over a decade of using an EMR, UVA is using LogicStream with the goal of managing, updating and improving our use of decision support tools in our EMR," said Rick Skinner, Chief Information and Technology Officer at UVA.

Unlike products that simply facilitate the reporting of health or quality outcomes, Clinical Process Measurement solutions support strategic management of clinical process, something only available with LogicStream.

Clinical Process Measurement equips organizations with clinical standardization models that address regulatory requirements, hospital acquired conditions, advanced payment models and CMS Star ratings. Ultimately, this improves clinical outcomes, patient/provider satisfaction and financial performance.

"Highly reliable healthcare can only be achieved when clinicians are delivering care following standardized processes," said Patrick Yoder, LogicStream CEO.

"Currently LogicStream is the only solution that measures adoption of standardized processes and is able to tie care delivery to clinical outcomes. This attributable and actionable model allows health systems to apply these processes to a variety of critical issues they are facing. Instead of focusing on the 'project of the hour,' LogicStream provides the framework for scalable quality improvement throughout the enterprise."

LogicStream Health optimizes clinical content, reduces unnecessary care variation and identifies the impact of clinical processes on patient outcomes through Clinical Process Measurement.

The LogicStream Platform delivers results to health systems by providing the ability to monitor and measure the care delivery process in a robust manner.

With a strong and experienced team focused on innovation, LogicStream provides a scalable and sustainable method to deliver highly reliable healthcare to any health system.