As a low-cost, highly accurate, alternative product to the OneTouch Ultra test strip brand, UniStrip Technologies introduced the UniStrip1 generic blood glucose test strips for use in LifeScan’s OneTouch Ultra, Ultra 2, UltraMini and UltraSmart blood glucose meters.

Now available nationwide on, and soon at other online and retail outlets, UniStrip Technologies expects that a bottle of 50 strips will be available for less than many insurance copay amounts.

UniStrip Technologies president Rick Admani noted that research shows that many people with diabetes fail to properly test their blood sugar levels because of the high cost of branded products.

"We created UniStrip1™ with a focus on the person with diabetes who wants to use quality products, but not at the high cost of the big brands.

"People with diabetes can now test as their doctor recommends, but at a price they can afford. Since our suggested retail price is lower than most insurance deductibles, UniStrip1™ test strips are ideal for people with a high copay, or those who buy their supplies with cash," Admani added.

UniStrip1 test strips were cleared by the FDA for use with the LifeScan OneTouch Ultra, Ultra 2, UltraSmart and UltraMini meters. Those currently using these meters will not have to change their meters to realize the cost savings offered by UniStrip1

Admani notes that the company is also working to educate endocrinologists, diabetic educators, and other healthcare professionals about the product’s accuracy, availability and value to their patient’s care.

UniStrip Technologies conducted substantial studies on the accuracy and precision of the UniStrip1 test strips, which the FDA reviewed prior to issuing a clearance for UniStrip Technologies to market the test strips in the US.