To help combat healthcare-associated infections

UMF has introduced Micrillon, the first patented and rechargeable antimicrobial-polymer chemistry developed to help combat healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), that are picked up by patients during hospital stays.

Developed at the University of Texas and licensed by UMF, Micrillon is the embedded, rechargeable broad-spectrum antimicrobial that is effective against bacteria, virus, and fungi. When incorporated into UMF’s PerfectClean products, Micrillon will offer immediate and measurable benefits to the healthcare system by reducing the transmission of pathogens by cross-contamination from one patient room to another and between patients and healthcare workers.

Micrillon will be available to healthcare facilities and other commercial markets including hospitality, education and foodservice early in 2010.

PerfectClean with Micrillon works by removing all organic matter from environmental surfaces, even microscopic organisms such as bacterial spores and viruses, absorbing them into the textile and eliminating germs.

Initial testing demonstrated that Micrillon eliminates MRSA, H1N1, trichophyton (athlete’s foot) and other organisms in less than five minutes. Micrillon is the antimicrobial technology effective in minutes, whereas the efficacy of competitive products is measured in hours.

Independent testing performed at ATS Labs, an internationally recognised antimicrobial testing laboratory, demonstrated that PerfectClean with Micrillon wipers eliminated biological contaminants in a short time. This technology has the potential to impact disinfection practices in the healthcare market.

Micrillon’s ‘rechargeable’ technology will be integrated into PerfectClean products, creating an efficient and effective solution for hospitals looking to reduce infection rates and improve patient care. Surface contaminants are removed, absorbed and trapped by the fibers, eliminating up to 99.999% of organic matter, endotoxins and pathogens such as MRSA, H1N1 and e coli. PerfectClean textiles are recharged each time they are commercially laundered and the antimicrobial powers remain effective for the life of the product.

George Clarke, CEO and founder of UMF, said: “This patented technology has been in development for eight years and we are very pleased that Micrillon is ready to move out of the lab and into production. We are confident that once it’s available, PerfectClean with Micrillon combined with the methodology and color-coded system we have developed, will make a valuable contribution to providing a safe environment for patients, hotel guests and students.”