Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is notifying dentists, retailers, distributors, and consumers that Endomax Smart canal treatment device bears a label containing a mark resembling UL's certification mark for the US and Canada.

The Endomax Smart canal treatment device has not been evaluated by Underwriters Laboratories to the appropriate standard for safety for the US or Canada, and is not authorized to bear the UL Mark. It is unknown if the products comply with US or Canadian safety requirements.

UL has reported that the product Endomax Smart with brand name Maximum Dental does not include any authorization from the laboratories.

UL is an independent product safety certification organization that tests products and writing standards for safety. UL evaluates more than 19,000 types of products, components, materials and systems for more than 66,000 manufacturers annually.

UL’s chain of companies and network of service providers includes 68 laboratory, testing and certification facilities serving customers in 102 countries.