U.S. Medical Glove Company LLC. (USMGC) purchased almost 700,000 pounds of Nitrile chemicals to begin stockpiling essential materials to produce medical gloves in the United States.

US Medical Glove Company — the only maker of American-made nitrile glove machines – is ramping up production with a major nitrile supplier ensuring continuous stock of nitrile to stabilize the domestic supply of American-made disposable, non-sterile, powder-free nitrile patient examination gloves.

USMGC will utilize part of its nearly 1 million square-foot US Medical Glove facility near Chicago, to build out its nitrile storage capacity. The company will use an external heated tank farm of 16 tanks and an indoor tank farm of 20 tanks; all monitored for temperature, heating and leveling. This will provide up to two months of reserve storage capacity of nitrile to provide redundant and emergency nitrile supply to ensure a steady supply of exam gloves to end-users.

Currently, the United States lacks the domestic capacity to produce the nitrile necessary to meet demand for domestic nitrile gloves. The Department of Health and Human Services with delegated authority to the Department of Defense initiated US glove investments in US glove infrastructure to remedy this shortage and develop US glove capacity expansion. This is critical infrastructure to decouple from China and to provide USA-made medical devices that protect America today and its children in the future.

“Foreign suppliers, especially China, used the pandemic to charge exorbitant prices or to deny supply altogether,” said US Medical Glove CEO, Dylan Ratigan. “USMGC has stepped up to remedy this issue by having the reserve capacity, and best in class strategic partners.”

American healthcare providers and consumers now have a choice of competitively priced, higher quality, American customer service in US Medical Glove Company, the only American manufacturer of machines that make nitrile gloves.

The nitrile supplies will be delivered to the new USMGC factory near Chicago, which will house up to 80 American-made nitrile glove machines, capable of supplying 8.1 billion gloves annually.

USMGC provides a unique pathway for critical medical device supply chain security providing a bridge for onshoring value chains, a catalyst for new jobs, economic development, and climate change solutions like biopolymers.

Source: Company Press Release