Tyber Medical, LLC, a leading orthopedic device manufacturer providing private label orthopedic implants for the trauma, extremity, and spine markets, received a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for its new Distal Radius Plating System. Tyber Medical’s novel design covers a wide range of fractures, fusions, non-unions, malunions, or osteotomies of the radius, ulna, and hand. “The Tyber Medical Distal Radius System provides an innovative approach to address one of the most common fractures. Additionally, the enhanced ergonomic design delivers a solution to reduce flexor tendon irritation, a common post operative concern,” said Tyber Medical CEO and President Jeff Tyber.

Tyber Medical’s Distal Radius Plating System maintains stability and orientation in the anteroposterior plane utilizing a dynamic grouping of plate length options, offered in titanium or stainless steel. Tyber Medical’s Chief Technology Officer, David Hannah, said, “our engineering team did a great job keeping the design under the watershed line while maintaining low prominence and the ability to reach the radial styloid.¬†They recognized the need for an additional locking head size to accomplish this in the flexor tendon and narrow volar plates, and now we get to add that locking mechanism to our portfolio.”

Source: Company Press Release