Fuel Medical Group is the leading provider of marketing, web development, finance, operations and human resource services to ear, nose & throat physicians, audiology clinics, hospitals, universities and other multi-specialty practices, and this new partnership will add HyperSound Clear to Fuel Medical’s portfolio of non-intrusive hearing healthcare solutions as soon as it becomes available.

"HyperSound Clear has countless applications for the hearing healthcare industry and beyond in its ability to provide a crisp, immersive, ‘unplugged’ audio experience for people with hearing loss," said Shawn Parker, Co-Founder, Fuel Medical Group.

Parker and his business partner, Brendan Ford, had the opportunity to experience a live demonstration of HyperSound Clear at the American Academy of Audiology’s Audiology Now! Conference earlier this year, and Ford states, "We’re blown away by HyperSound technology’s potential as a hearing healthcare solution, and look forward to its evolution into mainstream markets.

We believe this technology will be a game-changer for hearing healthcare clinics, as well as the retail industry by changing the way consumers receive targeted messages in stores, at trade shows and in other public forums."

HyperSound Clear offers a fundamentally new approach to sound delivery. Similar to how a flashlight beams a ray of light, HyperSound Clear beams sound directly to targeted listeners, which has been shown to improve sound clarity and speech intelligibility in individuals with hearing loss.

When sitting in the "HyperSound beam," people with hearing loss experience immersive, 3D audio; and at the same time, everyone else in the room hears audio at a normal volume level delivered through the TV speakers or home theater system. This means that people with hearing loss, along with family members and friends, can once again return to the family room to enjoy the latest home entertainment together.