TTG Imaging Solutions, LLC (TTG) a leader in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging equipment sales and service, and the largest U.S. sales & service partner for Medical Imaging Electronics’ (MiE) ANCORIS is pleased to announce the first U.S. installation of the ANCORIS, at the California Heart and Vascular Clinic in El Centro, California.

The ANCORIS, is a new dedicated PET system, that provides intelligent heart imaging with SCINTRON technology.

Matt Mastarone, CEO of TTG Imaging Solutions said, “TTG is very proud of our long-standing relationship with MiE. We have had great success over the years in delivering and supporting high quality medical device products from MiE into the U.S. Healthcare Market and the ANCORIS PET scanner is just another in a long line of MiE innovation. We are grateful to have met and had an opportunity to partner with Dr. Ansari of California Heart and Vascular Clinic.  When you couple Dr. Ansari’s expertise in the field and the scale of his practice that blend made for the ideal luminary site in the United States for the ANCORIS.”

MiE CEO, Thomas Kühl added, “The first installation of our new ANCORIS PET scanner in the United States is exciting for all of us. MiE extends our congratulations to everyone involved in this milestone achievement at TTG and MiE America. The advanced and lightweight technology of the ANCORIS PET scanner will no doubt benefit countless patients and healthcare professionals in the United States. We are excited to see the impact it will have in the medical community.”

Dr. Athar Ansari, MD, FACC, at the California Heart and Vascular Clinic stated, “In my 27 years practicing medicine, the MiE ANCORIS is the best I have seen. The ANCORIS cuts the procedure time in half, thus cutting the patients’ exposure time to radiation in half. The ANCORIS provides the latest technology, allowing our clinic to provide superior care to our patients. The superior sensitivity and specificity of the scanner reduces the cost of care and increases patient satisfaction for the underserved population in the Imperial Valley.”

Source: Company Press Release