The orders are the result of the collaborative relationship between Getinge Infection Control, its sales and service provider, and the Company.

"Finally!" exclaimed R.M (Ric) Rumble, President and CEO.

"Our Vision is to Create the Improved Standard in Healthcare Sterile Reprocessing; after spending years in development and working our way through the regulatory demands outlined when launching a new and novel technology we have now received the first orders." Mr. Rumble proudly stated.

"Every week the list of identified customer targets grows and our pipeline of quotations increases. We feel very good about the product’s initial launch and are working to implement even more ways to increase market awareness for our superior sterilizer."

The STERIZONE VP4 Sterilizer developed by TSO3 is a dual sterilant, low temperature sterilization system that utilizes vaporized hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and ozone.

Its single cycle can sterilize a large number and wide range of compatible devices, thereby allowing for a cost effective and error-free sterilization process. TSO3’s unique Dynamic Sterilant Delivery System automatically adjusts the quantity of injected sterilant based on the load composition, weight and temperature.

With its large 75 lb load capacity and a short cycle time, the STERIZONE VP4 Sterilizer can enhance throughput and lower sterilization cost. The STERIZONEĀ® VP4 Sterilizer was cleared for commercialization in the United States in December 2014.

Founded in 1998, TSO3’s activities encompass the sale, production, maintenance, research, development and licensing of sterilization processes, related consumable supplies and accessories for heat-sensitive medical devices.

The company designs products for sterile processing areas in the hospital environment that offer an advantageous replacement solution to other low temperature sterilization processes currently used in hospitals. It also offers services related to the maintenance of sterilization equipment and compatibility testing of medical devices with such processes.