Venturing to high-altitude locations is increasingly common, and more and more people are being exposed to the effects of these hypoxic environments.

TMI’s High-Altitude Sleep Mask is a new Class I medical device that provides a combination of mild exhalation resistance and CO₂ rebreathing.

The result is a drug-free method of mitigating the effects of disrupted sleep at high-altitude by reducing high-altitude periodic breathing.

An added benefit of the TMI High-Altitude Sleep Mask is that rebreathing improves the heat and humidity of inhaled air in the typical cold, dry environment at altitude.

Equally exciting is that a recent pilot study shows that TMI’s High-Altitude Sleep Mask also reduces the severity of high-altitude headaches, the most common symptom of Acute Mountain Sickness (aka altitude sickness). ¹

At Trudell Medical International, we work with patients, their caregivers and healthcare providers to help people all over the world to breathe better and live fuller lives.

As a leader in medical research and development with a focus on devices that address respiratory ailments, we believe that we are uniquely positioned to put forth a new and elegant solution to the problem of high-altitude sleep disturbance.

Source: Company Press Release