TRT’s new patent, US Patent No. 7,594,930, involves administering shock waves to a surgically anchored tissue in order to increase procedure reliability and decrease healing time and is effective with either a patient’s own or transplant tissues.

The treatment is used whenever a ligament or muscle detaches from bone, typically because of severe traumatic injury.

TRT chief executive officer John Warlick said that one goal of TRT’s research is to develop procedures that promote healing and surgical reliability while decreasing healthcare costs and TRT’s vision is to benefit patients, payers, and physicians with all of new therapies and he hopes that this new technique will become common place in the medical field for all bone reattachment procedures.

“TRT is working closely with another company to gain regulatory approval to offer a combined bone anchor and SoftWave therapy,” Warlick said.

TRT is currently involved in US Food and Drug Administration trials for its ‘Gold’ product line, which is approved in Europe, Asia, Canada and South America.