Trinity Medical Center in Alabama, US, has deployed Masimo's Patient SafetyNet system, designed to track the underlying physiological conditions of post-surgical patients for possible adverse opioid effects.

The system automatically sends wireless alerts directly to clinicians to provide care to bedside patients when their condition deteriorates.

Clinical data has shown that Patient SafetyNet reduces rapid response activations and intensive care unit (ICU) transfers, while offering significant potential cost savings.

In addition, Trinity is installing Masimo’s rainbow Acoustic Monitoring, which is applied to the patient’s neck to noninvasively and continuously measure patient’s respiration rate using an innovative adhesive sensor with an integrated acoustic transducer.

Trinity Medical Center president and CEO Keith Granger said incorporating new technologies plays a key role in nurturing the center’s culture of patient safety.

"Our clinicians are finding this equipment to be a valuable tool as we work to continue to improve patient care," Granger added.