The eClinical suite includes TrialStat Orbit, TrialStat CTMS (clinical trial management system) and TrialStat Portal.

TrialStat Orbit, an EDC (electronic data capture) solution, is being used for Phase II and III studies. It includes advanced integrated features like IWR, imaging, coding and electronic patient access. It is reportedly the industry’s first EDC platform allowing all aspects of a study to be configured, deployed and managed through a browser interface.

TrialStat CTMS will fully integrate with TrialStat Orbit for increasing visibility for critical management areas like patient enrolment, monitoring management and site payments.

TrialStat Portal, a central database that provides integration with all TrialStat products, can be accessed by study sites, sponsors and contract research organizations for central communication and decision making.

Jubilant Clinsys CEO Nayan Nanavati said: "TrialStat eClinical suite is an innovative cloud based platform providing an advanced set of features with a strong focus on usability enabling the power to manage your trial efficiently and providing our clients a robust platform for improving data collection and study management."