By combining the ISO 13485 and ISO 14971 certified systems and patented risk management processes of TransPerfect’s Crimson Life Sciences division with a range of integrated services and technologies across the TransPerfect family of companies, this enhanced, full-service division creates essential cost-saving solutions for medical device manufacturers.

Marc Miller, Division President for TransPerfect Medical Device Solutions, explains, "Over the past 10 years, TransPerfect has pursued a strategy that creates value for life sciences clients by combining validated automation technology with compliant processes. Now, we’ve successfully completed the integration and specialization effort necessary to produce the first set of core solutions for device makers — this is the basis of TransPerfect Medical Device Solutions."

In addition to traditional a la carte services, such as labeling and marketing translations, TransPerfect Medical Device Solutions includes a range of integrated technologies and services for manufacturers’ emerging content needs, including, translation process automation technology and labeling automation solutions.

Its other solutions include validated XML publishing systems, guided authoring/author automation, automated website localization, software translation, verification, and testing, formatting/layout services and technology, E-learning development and localization, multilingual digital media services and patent, litigation, and contract support.

The division’s flagship solution is the EnCompass System for labeling automation. The EnCompass System combines guided authoring, advanced XML content management, and GlobalLink process automation technology for maximum labeling automation and effectiveness.