The new service line combines patented translation risk management with validated content management and productivity technology to create the world’s first integrated solution-set that enables manufacturers to cut labeling and content costs by more than 40 percent.

EnCompass practice lead Marc H Miller noted most manufacturers have document-based systems that use applications like Word or InDesign to produce labeling and marketing materials.

"This severely hampers their ability to standardize and reuse content. It also increases process cost and error risk.

"Device manufacturers are a unique group — each has diverse content needs that include labeling, marketing materials, websites, patent applications, and even human resources documents. Often, these groups use manual processes and can’t effectively share or leverage content, which leads to enormous opportunity costs and increased quality risk," Miller added.

Patented, risk-based processes and validated productivity technologies are at the center of EnCompass solutions.

Drawing on the resources of the entire TransPerfect family of companies, the EnCompass solution includes Crimson Life Sciences (notified body-endorsed, patented translation risk management), Alchemy Software Development (validated software localization tools), Astoria Software and Vasont Systems (XML-based component content management systems), and’s GlobalLink suite of translation productivity tools.