The CE Mark approval of velox CD is supported by data from a pivotal clinical trial which evaluated the safety and effectiveness in anti-coagulated patients.

The company said that the single size velox CD is indicated for closing arteriotomies broadly ranging in size from 5F to 8F.

The bio-absorbable closure device provides a single-use instrument for delivering an implant to the vessel wall, helping avoid manual compression, allowing for shorter patient time-to-ambulation.

Transluminal Technologies has made the velox CD from a proprietary magnesium alloy designed to bioabsorb rapidly after implantation.

The implant’s intraluminal portion dissolves within 24 hours, while the remainder is completely resorbed within two weeks.

Transluminal Technologies co-founder and president Stephen Green said: "Velox CD is a true next generation vascular closure device that addresses the shortcomings of extant products with vastly improved implant delivery and bioabsorption technologies.

"Transluminal will continue its commitment to innovation in interventional devices and improved patient outcomes."